So You are thinking about Having your own Dog Grooming Business ?

You will find the prospect very daunting. Where do I start ? What do I need? Where do I train? This is where the Dog and Bone licence program could be of help for you.

Over the years we have probably encountered most of the common problems associated with running a business, and some more besides. We know how to start. We now hat you need and we know how to train you. Most of all we will understand the fear, apprehension, stresses and strains behind getting out and getting started.

Why Choose a Dog and Bone Licence Program ?

Here is where we may disappoint you. This is as much about us choosing you. Don’t let that put you off. The Dog and Bone Licence program has been implemented instead of a more traditional franchise agreement for good reason. A licence allows more flexibility in the running of your business, whilst still maintaining our brand image and reputation. You won’t have to search far on google to find both the positives and negatives of franchising. We want to be a group of small businesses operating under a recognised brand, with everyone working hard to enjoy the benefits.

Dog and Bone is a little different. We have been working in a way a lot of dog groomers are now beginning to adopt for the last 15 years. Both our salons and our mobile salons have been operating on a one dog groomer to one dog basis since our inception. This has proved of benefit in the current climate, and also saw us whether the economic downturn in 2008. Our methodology transferred well into the training environment with one instructor to one student ratio ensuring the quality of the training. Yes this means fewer people through the door, but high standards going out.

At the Helm of the business is our founder and General Dogsbody Chris. He has been helping other groomers with their businesses behind the scene for years. He is passionate about Dog Grooming, seeing others succeed through hard work and helping them build their success.   His experiences over the last 15 years in dog grooming and the skills he learnt in marketing business development and management prior to that, have enabled the development of the program.

This concept has been put together by a Dog Groomer who happens to know something about business. Not a businessman who happens to know something about dog grooming. Our believe is people should be able to run their business at a level they are happy with. Dogs are not, at the end of a day a commodity. They are a living sentinel being. 

What do you get for your investment?

Your biggest investment will be your time ! This is not a get rich quick scheme, nor is it a guarantee of a multi million pound business. Your success will depend as much on your input and effort as it does on ours. We can help you implement the best systems in the world, but if you are not passionate about what you are doing,or prepared to work hard, you will not fulfil your potential.

Our Dog and Bone Licence Package includes:

  • Full Training, not just to a standard to go out and operate, but Full IPET level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon management (find out more here)
  • Canine First Aid Certificate
  • A start up Grooming kit comprising Scissors, Cordless Clippers, blades, comb attachments, shampoos etc 
  • Branded work wear ordered to your size
  • Assistance with marketing in your area, including setting up social media accounts.
  • Your own dedicated website,with a link to/from Dog and Bones main site. You will be able to alter your own content on here (subject to approval)
  • Ongoing support and training with weekly zoom meetings for first six weeks after initial training (monthly thereafter) 
  • Tailored licence package dependant on whether you are looking for a mobile or street front salon.
  • First year membership of BIGA PIF/BDGA and Groomers spotlight on successful completion of training.

I want to know more about the Dog and Bone Licence Program

Well if you have read this far and you think this may be an opportunity for you, Please leave your contact details for Chris to contact you for an informal chat. Please allow a couple of days for a return call as our existing clients and team members take priority.

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