Mobile Dog Grooming Franchise

Mobile Dog Grooming Franchise South West Wales

So why would you want a Mobile dog grooming franchise ? Wouldn’t you be better going it alone? That quite possibly will depend on your mind set. We believe this will offer the best of both worlds for anyone contemplating entering the industry. The autonomy of been your own boss, but with the support and advice on hand to help you succeed

The founder of Dog and Bone Grooming is still primarily a dog groomer at heart. He had a set vision for how the business would operate, despite others telling him it wasn’t viable to work they way he envisaged, he has taken the business group to a six figure turnover. The most important thing however is not the money but the dogs. They are not a commodity, and most dog people recognise this. To keep moving in this market, we believe the best way forward is for people to work with us so that each salon retains that personal touch, rather than becoming a corporate giant.

When Chris our founder started his grooming career, 1-10 households had a dog. That figure is now just under 1 in 4 and growing. Working on a one to one basis means there is plenty of scope for growth. If you would like to see these stats and more click here

We want special people for our Dog Grooming team

Hopefully in landing here you will have done your research into what dog grooming franchises are available. Make no mistake as pleasing as a mobile dog grooming business is, it is hard work. It is not the cheaper option whatever anyone else may tell you. We are one of the few businesses that has experience of both . Chris started his grooming journey as a mobile dog groomer when it was in its infancy, has encountered most of the issues that are likely to arise and overcome them.

This is not a franchise in the traditional sense of the word. Its more personal. It has to be to succeed. Yes we have a business model that we expect you to follow and replicate, but as each dog is different, we cant just give you a manual and tell you to get on with it. Unlike most franchises we expect to be with you every day for the first six weeks. That includes launching you into an already established business. This also requires you to commit to becoming a qualified Dog Groomer. (The cost of your training and qualification is included in the fee) By qualified we mean industry recognised. This will be the IPET Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon management.

Whats so special about our Dog Grooming franchise 

The Dog and Bone Dog Grooming Mobile Salon is an already established reputable mobile grooming business, At present it covers a wide area using a converted van with all the equipment you will find in a salon. At present it is the only mobile grooming service in the area it covers with a qualified groomer operating the service. If you have done your research you will find companies that quote £800-£1000 a week in earnings is achievable. Well we are going to tell you that’s most likely turnover not profit. At present our van demands an average price of £55-£60 per dog and between 9-5 will do 4 dogs per day. 

Whilst there is a good living to be made, our primary objective is the quality of the service we offer which is why we insist on initial training to become a qualified Dog Groomer. The price of the Ipet Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon management is included in the purchase price. Click here to find an overview of the course. During this period you will also receive advise on marketing and advertising, gaining and retaining customers. 

Included in the price is marketing materials, branded workwear, your own  website linked to the main company site, and a fully kitted Citroen Relay Van complete with sign writing and all the kit you will need.

So are you the right person for our to work with us?

We expect:

  • Dog lovers first and foremost
  • Drive
  • Commitment
  • Compassion
  • Passion

Purchase price £24,995 + flat rate monthly management fee.

For an informal discussion leave your details here and Chris will contact you in due course

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