Our Services

Standard Service

All of the below is included in our quoted price:

  • Brush through and  assessment
  • Consultation as to style required/ allowed
  • Clipping Trimming to style
  • Ears plucked as required
  • Where required, undercoat rake used, coat thinning, slickered and deshedded.
  • First rinse shampoo to loosen debris and dirt
  • Second Rinse shampoo to ensure all dirt and debris removed from coat
  • Conditioner to maintain coat
  • Hand/ Towel/blanket or blow drying as appropriate
  • Fragrance Spray if requested
  • Nails trimmed.
  • All shampoos are either organically or Naturally based, and chosen to suit your dogs coat
  • ANAL GLANDS please note we do not express these, and never have done. This complies with current advice from both RCVS and The BDGA.”The British Dog Groomers’ Association recently received the following advice from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons regarding anal glands and ear cleaning:
    Ear cleaning: Groomers may carry out ear cleaning of the external meatus as part of general grooming provided it does not include entry to the ear cavity. Where minor hair/debris removal is involved in a non-infected ear, this would not usually be considered an act of veterinary surgery, but where infection is present, or there is any possibility of a ruptured ear drum, this should be dealt with as a veterinary matter.
    Anal glands: The veterinary advice we received is that external expression of anal glands is more complicated, because deciding if there is any infection or impaction involves a diagnosis, which is the practice of veterinary surgery. If the gland is not affected it is questionable if it requires expression.”

We have on hand pesticidal shampoos to deal with fleas, but we still advise you treat your dog in accordance with flea treatment guidelines.  We do not make an extra charge for this. However, if a dog is presented with a heavy flea infestation we reserve the right to refuse to groom. This will incur a charge.

Water Delight

A cross between a groom and a pamper session to keep your dog smelling sweet. Brush through, shampoo  and condition, nails. Prices from £11 for regular customers.

Self Serve Sundays

Aimed at those who like to wash their own dog without the mess. Come and use our facilities, shampoos and towels, with one of our groomers on hand for any questions. Price £15 per hour.


G.I.Y. Workshops

These are designed for those people who want to learn to groom their own dog, or people who wish to be a little more hands on between visits to the salon. Dependent on breed, we can run either a one to one, or one to two workshop. The aim is to make you and your pawpal feel comfortable during the grooming process. As part of the day, we will advise on equipment to use, and where to obtain it from. The workshop price also includes an hours free session for our self service. Prices start from £60. Spaces are limited. Telephone 01267 282828