For a change I have had a fairly busy couple of weeks socially. We are fortunate that we have brilliant neighbours who babysit our dogs, and we return the favour. Usually If we go away for a few days the dogs come with us, as mentioned on the previous blog.
Whilst I had to leave mine behind for two nights last weekend, it did make me think about the lack of consideration some people show when taking on a dog.
Recently, due to health issues, I have had to cut down on my working hours.This means more time at home..whoopee! As this is now becoming a norm, I thought perhaps a new addition to the family. I started looking at the websites for our local rescue centres along with dogsblog.com (all the links are at the bottom of this page)
I will never knock anyone for doing whats best for their dogs, and indeed the circumstances surrounding George’s rehoming were down to unpreventable circumstances his previous owner found themselves in.
Some of the reasons listed on these websites really get my back up, like the person who was given a dog as a present, and didnt realise it would grow so big, It was a St Bernards! Or the family that had had a new pup that didnt get on with their exisiting dog, so the older dog was handed to a rescue.
Im not even going to start on the irresposnible breeders whoa re just in it for the cash, and then leave the dogs when they no longer produce income for them ( I know that is not the case with all breeders, before I get anything heavy thrown at me)
Peoples choices for having a dog will vary, for me they are part of the family, although I work part time grooming, I am not in to showing dogs personally. Yes ours are pedigree, but we have no papers and they are not KC registered, but they are loved, and I dont even want to think about parting with them.
When we were looking to rehome, I looked at pictures of over 100 dogs in rescue on one site, and hadnt even gone back a week by date.
How do you choose, very carefully! George came to us a little bit at a time over a couple of months, so we were sure everyone got on, and he was the right choice.
If you are reading this, because your thinking of getting a dog for the first time, please try and think through every eventuallity. Yes your circumstances may take an unforeseen turn, but hopefully you will do everything you can to try and prevent any rehoming issues.
If its a first or even if you are an experiened dog owner, whether your looking for a specific breed or just a friend, please have a look at the below links. Every sort of dog ends up in these rescue centres, and quite often it is not their fault. Where there are genuine reasons, there are also those who have been unlucky enough to have the wrong owners.
Some of these centres are often on the lookout for volunteers for walking and helping with the dogs, so even if you think yes I would love a dog, but cant commit, maybe you could commit a couple of hours to lend a hand. Each centre has its own criteria for adopting and fostering, so please have a look at their websites.
And finally if you have an excess of money you dont know what do with, contact one of them about donating, the job they are trying to do is difficult and fundraising is always hard.
Thanks for reading, and please pass it round.
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