The 7 Top Dog Groomers in Carmarthenshire

Who are the top 7 Dog Groomers in Carmarthenshire. Why Choosing a Good Groomer is important. Sharing a house with a dog should be an enjoyable aspect of life. In over 16 years of Dog grooming we have seen dog ownership go from 1 in 10 households to closer to 1 in 3....

How To Choose a Dog Groomer.

How To Choose a Dog Groomer. Its been seven years since I first posted about this. During this time we have seen an increase in both the number of households with a dog and the number of dog groomers. What we also see is varying degrees of knowledge of what dog...

Worried About Your Dogs Welfare

Worried about Your Dogs Welfare? So are we. Its only natural you are worried about your dogs welfare. A big part of your  responsibility or that of  or anyone that works with them, should centre around meeting all their needs A little History Not only do we...

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