Worried about Your Dogs Welfare?

So are we. Its only natural you are worried about your dogs welfare. A big part of your  responsibility or that of  or anyone that works with them, should centre around meeting all their needs

A little History

Not only do we have a  moral responsibility for your dog, we also have to work around legislation governing their welfare. Back in the mid 1960’s the government commissioned a report into the welfare of livestock in intensive farming systems. Professor Roger Brambell reported back, and the foundations for what have become the five freedoms were formed. These are:

  1. The Freedom from hunger or thirst 
  2. Freedom from discomfort
  3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease 
  4. The Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour 
  5. Freedom from fear and distress 

These went on to become the building blocks for The Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Why do we need to know all this?

 In looking after dogs, we need to know the types of circumstances that will affect their welfare. In our environment we will touch on everyone of these.

Dog Grooming is essential for preventing discomfort. A matted or knotted coat, not only restricts air flow through the coat, but can trap moisture and bacteria which will have impacts on their health. Whilst they are at the dog groomers they should have access to water and food if required.  The whole process should be carried out in such a manner that it minimises stress to the dog. Consideration given to handling, to prevent distress or injury. Comfort breaks given to allow for toileting. Their accommodation to be suitable if they are having to wait. These are just the basics.

“Its like 20 Questions”

Is what we hear when we get an enquiry from a new customer. Yes it is. Every dog, however, is an individual. It is not guaranteed that two dogs welfare needs will be the same. An example may be a where a dog is dog reactive. Fine with people, but possibly aggressive towards other dogs. We need to know this to ensure we minimise exposure when they come to see us. Your dog may have sensitive skin. This requires a different shampoo to those used on others. Any Allergies? although natural products are the norm, Dogs can still be allergic to these, think wheat.

They are sentient not products

Working and living with Dogs is a privlidge, not a right. Attributed to Immanuel Kant is the quote “‘He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.’ Our customers treat their dogs as family members. (Discussions surrounding packs are another post) So it is important that belief is upheld when they visit us. Fewer numbers through the door give us time to deal with individuals. Its gives us time to visually check your dog and get to know them, and them us.

Dog and Bone Founder and General Dogs Body Chris with some of his own dogs

This extra time also allows us to get to speak with the humans at the other end of the lead and give them tips. We are willing to share our knowledge to ensure you can help keep your dogs coat in tip top condition between dog grooming sessions. So just our little way of helping you become less worried about your dogs welfare.

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