How Much does Dog Grooming Cost ?

What’s Included in the price of The Dog Grooming Service ? As a dog groomer,  often the first question I get asked when answering the phone is “How much does dog grooming cost ?” ( See also Are you choosing the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Mobile Dog Grooming

A New Mobile Service. Thanks to the support of our loyal customers, our dog grooming salon is near capacity. From experience, we have found a lot of dogs appear to be more relaxed when they are the centre of attention. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

A Short History of our Dog Groomers Business

In the Beginning  Thirteen years ago we struggled to find a dog groomers that worked the way we envisaged for our West Highland Terriers Hamish and Macbeth . I went to do a basic training course, and was hooked. Sadly … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Can’t you tell Christmas is Coming (A dog is for life)

A Dog is For Life Call me a cynic, but having just spent half an hour scanning a well known internet selling site,I couldn’t help but notice that approximately 50% of the adverts were for puppies. Most of these were … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Who Rescued Who ?

A little background I warn you now, this is going to be a bit personal, well for me. This post was inspired by a an organisation that sells products in the US, to help fund rescue dogs. One of their … [CLICK TO READ MORE]