This year I have two poppies, Both Red and white. We had an interesting conversation this week about what they represent. To me the Red is the symbol of rememberance for all the individuals who gave their lives initially during the ‘War to end all wars’ and those who have lost their lives since. Having just read a book about Percy Topliss, and seeing the number of lives lost in just one month, I find it difficult to comprehend that amount of fatalaties. There was a small paragraph about a section of line where the soldiers on both sides held an unofficial truce and merely fired over each others heads. I dont agree with war, but will not denounce those who as individuals serve in the forces. Now I also wear the white poppy in hope that as we remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifce, perhaps we can promote peace more and dialogue to resolve our differences. Harry Patch, who was the last living British survivor from world war 1, made the observation, that perhaps the politicians and those agreeing to war, ought to be the ones going ‘over the top’ This gent did not even talk about his experiences until he was 100. So I will observe the Silence on Sunday, both poppies will be worn, as I live in the hope of seeing a day where no more youngsters will have to make the ultimate sacrifice for peace.

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