One of the advantages of working with dogs, is that I have come across some wonderful people, who work hard, often without praise, to rescue and rehome dogs. Where I can I like to think I help in my own small way, by sharing pictures and posts on Social Media,and on a few occasions lending a pair of hands with grooming when time permits. The down side of this is, I meet an awful lot of dogs who i would dearly love to bring home.

There’s a lady I met 12 months ago, who takes in the waifes and strays from our local council amongst others, and after pushing her down a zipwire to raise funds, she has now got her own back.

She hinted that I may like to visit and give two delightful westies a wash and cut. Sometimes there is just that click inside you. These two girls were of such a pleasant disposition, I thought on this occasion, I would like to more by offering to foster….This was to be a notion that lasted for about all of a week…I failed before they came to our home. Ruby and Skye have now been adopted.

People may think we are mad with five dogs, but each socialisation day they have had, and their first day living with us, they seem to have bought an air of calm with them.

Having just returned from a walk, I am now sitting with a mug of tea, Hamish on one foot, Macbeth on the other, George preventing me from rolling the chair back, and Ruby and Skye are lay dozing on their new blankets.

Skye at present seems a little more timid than Ruby, but both are so dainty in their temperament, with all of them round me, there is a feeling of this is meant to be.

I have a favourite saying “If I have to explain you probably wouldn’t understand” I’m not one for foreign holidays, I drive an older car, and I am not in a highly paid profession. But the wealth provided by these four legged friends is immeasurable. You couldn’t pay me any amount of money to be without them. To see them interacting with my kids, the way they lift my spirits when we are out walking, watching their individual characters is something you cannot put a price on.

The quote goes” A dog is not your whole life, but they make your life whole” is quite true.

Skye, Ruby, Macbeth, Hamish, George

Skye, Ruby, Macbeth, Hamish, George

I’m quite happy to be known as Chris The Dogman, and yes I may be of questionable mental stability, but at this point in my life I wouldn’t have it any other way

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