Every year at the first sign of a bit of heat we are inundated with calls stating I need my dog shaved today because he/she is too hot.1045181_10201010371394059_1696318081_n

Taking this course of action is not always appropriate, and can in fact be harmful for your dog. All dogs should have their coats maintained and cared for on a regular basis, and in some a correctly groomed coat will help them keep your dog cool in summer as well as warm in winter.

This is not a definitive list, but just some low/ no cost options to keep your dogs comfortable during the warmer weather.

1. Always have fresh water on hand and ready accessible

2. Never Ever Ever, leave them in a locked car, even parked in shade with windows open, vehicles can still get too hot for dogs leading to death.

3. Keep them in shaded areas, try and find cool spots in the house away from source of sunlight, if you have one switch a fan on in their room.

4. If your dogs are fond of water, let them have access to a paddling pool in the garden, ideally these should be rigid, of a plastic variety, have a look for second hand on well known internet auction sites.dogwater

5. Be aware, if your dog spends too long outside, it can lead to heat exposure and even Sunburn ( another reason for not shaving some dogs)

6. Shelters in shade such as open canopies can provide a cool place for them to lie.

protection from the sun

protection from the sun

7. Consider walking at earlier/ later times of the day to avoid heat, and possibly for not as long. Just remember to leave sufficient time before/ after eating.

8. Check online for dog ice lollipop recipes. These can be made and frozen in the freezer for your dog to lick at.

9. Keep your dogs coat in tip top condition, this will help with their natural ability to keep cool

10. If you are concerned about your dogs welfare, don’t be afraid to contact your vets.

This is by no means a definative list. There are lots of products on the market including cool beds, jackets and screens which can be purchased. With a little forethought, both you and your pawpal can keep cool this summer.

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