A New Mobile Service.

Thanks to the support of our loyal customers, our dog grooming salon is near capacity. From experience, we have found a lot of dogs appear to be more relaxed when they are the centre of attention. Taking this into consideration has led to our investment in a Mobile dog grooming salon. This allows us to offer the option of our service on your door step. 

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Why Mobile ?

Chris used to do home visits in special circumstances. Although the desired service could be carried out to a very good standard, a Salon groom still had the edge. Over the last 12 years we have had the privilege of working with only one persons dog or dogs on the premises. To offer our service to more people and take on a high street premises, and work the way we do, could mean having to compromise on service or raise prices substantially.

By offering this service, we can continue working to the standards we believe in at the salon, as well as offering mobile dog grooming for those who want a visit at home. We allow well behaved humans to watch either service.

What’s Included ?

Our Mobile dog grooming offers all of the features of our standard Salon Service, but carried out on your doorstep. We allow time to introduce your dog to our environment, and to get to know them. We always discuss owner requirements and will discuss with you whats best for your dog.


As with our salon service, there may be a wait for your initial mobile dog grooming appointment. The majority of our clients will book their dog grooming appointment in advance, usually doing so before they leave. We operate on an appointment only basis, and allow the time required for each dog as an individual. We allow extra time for first appointments to find out about your dog and yourself. Please feel free to ring on 01239 712736 to discuss your requirements. We don’t answer the phones whilst dog grooming, but please leave a message.

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