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Useful Pages During Covid 19 (Corona Virus)

All the bumph regarding working or not?

From T’government advice on cleaning non healthcare settings

T’Government info on cleaning

From European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control

ECDC guidelines on cleaning

From the PIF Site.

Advice for pet groomers during lockdown

Advice on social distance and hygiene from PIF


Groomers Spotlight protocol guide 

Groomer spotlight protocol

Government Guide for Self Employed 

For all those of you who are self employed. This is the government guide in relation to Claiming a grant through the scheme, with notes on who can apply etc:


Shed load of info for Business owners

For those who are self employed with employees and have businesses that are have premises that would usually pay rates if not exempt under small business rates relief scheme(SBRR) or the rural rates relief scheme. (ADVANCE WARNING…this is along read with lots of info)


The Legislation.

All I will say about this is the legislation is here on the link. It is already been interpreted in different ways by different people

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020


What our trade bodies say

BiGA’s position on Dog Grooming businesses through Coved 19


The Business Bounce Back Loan

If you weren’t eligible or haven’t applied for CVBiLs you can try for this loan. release date 04/05/20.  Worth reading as I believe you can ask to be swopped to this scheme if it is going to be better for you. (Please always seek professional financial advice before taking on any commitment)

Business Bounce back loan

Corona Virus Business Interruption loan Scheme (CVBiLS)

This is a link to the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CVBiLS) This scheme is administered by approved lenders and you have to apply direct to them. The ones i have looked through so specify you will need a business account as opposed to an account for your business. Whilst you are liable for 100% of the loan you take on, the first year will not have interest in some cases. The government are hoping by underwriting the loan to the tune of 80% this may encourage lending by the banks. It does not mean you will have any reduced liability for the debt. Before committing please take independent device from a credible/ reliable source. I would also suggest be wary of anyone approaching you offering to arrange it on your behalf,


Universal Credit

The government site for universal credit, covering eligibility and who can apply. There is also a link on this page to a calculator to show what you may get.



This is Courtesy of Ben Lake MP, who I asked for some clarification in relation to some of the questions been asked

Covid 19 Universal Credit answer

Screen Shot of Reply from Ben Lake MP

Welsh Government announce £500 million pound pot of additional funding.

The Welsh  government have announced further funding, I as yet have not had chance to read through all of this, but the information is here

Further funding in Wales

Contact for HMRC

At present I can find no email address for HMRC, reading their pages I presume to reduce the risk of possible fraud. Contact at the moment is by phone or webchat. Details on this link.


Trusted Sources 

Amlink Ltd, our accountants for the best part of 20 years 


Martin Lewis Journlist and founder of money saving expert has always talked a lot of sense.



Joking aside, how to search a group for comments in relation to what you want to look for:

A Quick Guide to pricing for Dog Groomers













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