Why should I learn to groom my dog?

Every dog, regardless of coat type, requires maintenance to their coat. It is essential for their well being. This is why its a good idea to learn to groom your own dog. Not only will regular brushing remove loose and dead hair, it assists in blood circulation and distributing their natural oils through the coat.

Teaching your dog a grooming routine

Some dogs settle into been groomed almost straight away. These are the ones seen in the demonstration clips on the internet! This is not always the case. From experience we know they learn in the same way they learn to sit or fetch etc. When you learn to groom your own dog, you can teach them what they need to know. 

Our Courses

Developed after customers told how their dogs wouldn’t be brushed. During his FdSc, Chris studied the benefits of owner education in their dogs behaviour during grooming. Most of those in the study, saw better behaviour in their dogs as they got more confident.

They Include:

A look at why we groom, Coat types, common problems affecting skin and coat, tools required and where to source them, Brushing, bathing and trying techniques, basic trimming, basic clipping. Handling techniques and tips for allowing your dogs to become used to the grooming process. A relaxed atmosphere to ask questions and to meet other dog lovers.


Groomed regularly, dogs see it as part of their daily routine, not a punishment. Our courses show you hints and tips that will help you learn to groom your own dog. This helps the grooming process to be more relaxed for you and your dog. Pleasurable time together also strengthens the bond between you

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